Satisfied Customers

Read what some of my customers are saying. They trust me with their most important events / celebrations and couldn’t be happier. Their satisfaction is my top priority!
  • Deidra and Patrick Wedding

    Alexa, Thank you for making Deidra & Patricks Wedding a wonderful day.  I was totally relaxed and got to enjoy the day with all the festivities.  Thanks again for all you did to make the evening enjoyable.  -Kim (Mother of the Bride)

  • Renee and Zach Wedding

    Dear Alexa, You are the Best!  Our entire family feels very fortunate to have found you.  Great Work. Respectfully,  -Martin (Father of the Bride)

  • Renee and Zach Wedding

    Alexa Sterenberg and her Staff, as a first time Father of the Bride, made my job easier. Alexa is exceptional. Very detailed for excellent execution. Do not hesitate to hire her services.  -Martin (Father of the Bride)

  • Neema and Shawn Wedding

    Alexa and team made Neema and Shawn’s wedding simply divine! They were very accommodating and so courteous to all.  -Anna (Mother of the Bride)

  • Neema and Shawn Wedding

    Shawn and Neema’s wedding was wonderful ! Thanks!  -Erica (Mother of the Groom)

  • Renee and Zach Wedding

    Alexa Sterenberg was hired to be the wedding planner for my daughter’s wedding last weekend. As Mother of the Bride, I had come to the conclusion that I would need a little help with the planning and execution of such an important event. Little did I know that I had hired THE MOST INCREDIBLE PLANNER EVER!! You would have thought it was HER daughter getting married! 😉 Alexa took on this job with a level of seriousness and dedication that I could not believe. I was so impressed with the detail of her planning and the way she commanded cooperation from all of the vendors/players. At the wedding rehearsal, she was in charge. On the wedding day, she was there bright and early (with her two wonderful assistants, Dave and Nicole), with her plan showing what was to happen at every moment that day. I thought I would have a little help and I got someone who took charge of making sure the day went off to perfection. Can I give her more than five stars?????  -Becky (Mother of the Bride)

  • Lauren and Chris Wedding

    Thank you for your endless hours of work to make our celebration so memorable!  We appreciate all you’ve done.  Your great at what you do! Lets relax now 🙂  -Wendy and Rick (Parents of the Bride), Tim and Cindy (Parents of the Groom)

  • Neema and Shawn Wedding

    This review is long overdue! I SIMPLY can’t say enough positive things about Alexa.  We approached Alexa at the beginning of the year for our late March 2015 wedding. We needed a day of coordinator but what we got was so much more.

    My fiance (now husband) and I thought we had everything taken care of with the exception of the final details. We had already booked the DJ, hair & makeup, the venue, had our invitations sent out…. what more was there to do??? How little we knew….

    Alexa’s organization and expertise blew us away. We filled out a number of online surveys so that she could make sure that she had every last detail taken care of. Everything from the rehearsal dinner, to the order that our family members would walk down the aisle, to who we wanted photos with (and who we didn’t), toast speeches, what songs we wanted played and when, EVERYTHING was addressed and on the day of our wedding, she made sure that neither one of us had to worry about a thing.

    She attended so many of our meetings with our venue (even though we had a coordinator at the venue) and had an answer for us every time a minor dilemma or problem surfaced. Alexa also provided a number of helpful suggestions for seating charts, cards, first dance moment, re-use of floral arrangements to save money and so much more.

    I could tell you about how intuitive she is or how quick she was to respond (which is probably my biggest pet peeve when working with people). Or how on my wedding day, she was invaluable and handled everything with class, ease and a level of professionalism that is rarely seen.

    I will only ever recommend Alexa of Simply Modern Events to friends, family, colleagues.. anyone I come across who needs a wedding planner! ALEXA, WE LOVE YOU!!!!  -Neema (Bride)

  • Neema and Shawn Wedding

    Alexa, Thanks so much for all of your hard work, we couldn’t have done it without you!  We will definitely refer you to everyone we know. XO  -Neema and Shawn (Bride and Groom)

  • Maviann and Tyler Wedding

    Dear Alexa, Just wanted to thank you for being a wonderful addition to my baby girls special day.  So thankful we connected!  Many Thanks & Hugs!  -Annie (Mother of the Bride)

  • Maviann and Tyler Wedding

    Alexa and her team are awesome to work with! She makes sure all the details are what you want and will make the wedding day go smoothly! I would highly recommend her to any bride or mother of the bride to help with the the big day!  -Maviann (Bride)

  • Jessy and Travis Wedding

    Alexa, thank you for making our day possible!  It was the most beautiful, perfect day all thanks to you.  We couldn’t be more grateful for all you time and hard work.  It was truly and amazing day!  We are so happy that we have become such great friends too.  Lots of Love, xoxo  -Jessy and Travis (Bride and Groom)

  • Allison and Tessa Wedding

    Absolutely fabulous!  Alexa and her team are kind, caring, and run a very tight ship!  We approached them about a year out from our wedding, and they gave us great advice and referrals every step of the way.  In the last 30 days before the wedding, Alexa stepped up to help with the final coordinating, which greatly reduced the stress on my fiancée (now wife) and I. As a result, we were able to have our dream wedding without it putting us through the wringer. Even for minor details- like when I realized that my dress had gotten wrinkled en route to our venue- Alexa had a solution.  I don’t know what we would’ve done without her!

    While (hopefully) I won’t be needing her wedding planning services again, I definitely consider a good friend, and terrific person.  I definitely recommend her and her staff to anyone thinking of tying the knot in the Valley area!  -Tessa

  • Neema and Shawn Wedding

    Alexa Sterenberg is ‘beyond’ a full service wedding planning company! To put it simply, they were unbelievably amazing!!! We used Alexa’s services for our wedding in late March and she was brought on as our day of planner – but what we received was so much more. Although we had spent considerable time planning our wedding prior to Alexa’s involvement, as both my wife and I are detailed people, we would have not been able to pull it all together without her amazing ability to keep things organized, reshuffle timelines, and provide timely advice, while literally doing whatever it took to make our wedding day a smash hit! Alexa’s patience and understanding is something to marvel over, as we contacted her a number of times, several weeks before she was even slated to oversee our wedding. Never once did she give us the impression she couldn’t help us. Alexa and her assistant Nicole guided everything into place on our wedding day, even when our venue had ‘shockingly’ double booked their reception area and didn’t tell us until 24 hours before. In addition to Alexa being a great planner, we feel that we’ve have gained a trusted friend. You will be blown away at the level of professionalism, courtesy and service that Alexa provides. Being that my wife and I are both in the service industry as well, we would highly recommend Alexa for any event planning you might need in the future.  -Shawn (Groom)

  • Caroline Berger

    Thank you for all your help with the Mirabel Check Presentation. Everything was perfect. Our guest really enjoyed the event. Thanks again, great teamwork!


  • Victoria Myers

    Thank You!! The work you did on behalf of the VGPCCN Task Force Recognition Event was spectacular. I cannot thank you enough for your expertise and oversight. You make it look easy (but I know it is a lot of work.) You made my job so much easier. Thanks again.

  • Shawna Stracke

    You’re amazing, Alexa!  I know it’s not said enough, but I appreciate all that you and your team do.

    THANK YOU! (probably the most powerful two words, yet the most rarely said)


  • Jennifer Rogers

    Just wanted to send a shout out to you and your team. The set up for the event was absolutely perfect. We LOVED having everything lined up on the East side, the vendor table set up and of course the lunch set up. It was our best conference yet, and you and your team made it seamless for us. THANK YOU from the entire committee!!!!!

  • Stephanie Mahrer

    Great job last night. The White Coat Reception was a huge success and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you very much.

  • Kim Taylor

    Thanks for being so great with our Symposium.  I appreciated all of your efforts… you are always so professional and calm. 🙂

  • Nancy Chang

    I really appreciate Alexa’s prompt service and assistance.

  • Stephanie Mahrer

    Last night’s NCL meeting was a huge success, thank you very much!

  • Mended Hearts Chapter 126

    Our conference was a rousing success thanks to you and your organization. In particular we thank you (Alexa) for your outstanding contributions and guidance. You are knowledgeable, professional, and attentive. You made the experience enjoyable. From Chapter 126, thank you and WELL DONE!

  • Warren Peabody


    On behalf of Mended Hearts, Chapter 126, thank you for all you did to help our Regional Seminar be a success.  The facility set-up was perfect and the A/V equipment worked well.  Additionally the luncheon was very good.  We were pleased and grateful.  You are so professional… a pleasure to work with.

    Maybe we can do it again next year.

    Best Regards,

    Warren Peabody

  • Fransoany Reyes

    Alexa, the event was wonderful and your team did a wonderful job with the catering and room setup!

  • Susan Breidel

    Thanks Alexa!  The meeting was a great experience and your expertise was greatly appreciated.

  • Stephanie Mahrer


    It was a pleasure working with you on the TPK Orthopedic Surgical Spine Unit “sneak peak.”  The night was a huge sucess, or guest enjoyed themselves and many commented on how they enjoyed the appetizers.  Thank you for all your assistance and I look forward to the next event.



  • Michele Fiore

    Thank you Alexa for another successful event!

  • Barbara Fry

    Alexa went above and beyond for the C.O.D. event!  She worked very hard organizing the event with multiple vendors, then worked the entire day of the event to make sure everything was perfect.  She stayed until all the guests left and made sure all items were picked up by the vendors.  This was a wonderful event and everything was perfect.  I have never seen this event go so smoothly.  This is a credit to Alexa and all involved.

  • Laura R. Grafman

    Dear Alexa,

    Please let me be among the first to thank you for your superb management of all the areas for the COD event last evening.  You handled everything superbly, professionally, and with a lot of class.  What a pleasure for me to work with you!  I was always delighted to meet with you because things happened and when you said you would take care of something, indeed, you did!

    I can’t begin to tell you how much that means to me and to all of us in the foundation.  You made the entire event an absolute delight to witness.  I can’t say enough nice things…even to the awful pink flowers that disappeared before our eyes and before anyone saw them with the new artwork.

    All in all, you and your splendid team are all to be congratulated so please pass along to everyone, not only my gratitude, but also my admiration.  From beginning to end, it was fabulous!!!

    Have a great and relaxing week-end.  You deserve every minute and so does your team.

    All of us at HonorHealth Foundation appreciate you, and all of them, for all that you do.



  • Amanda Enzmann


    Thank you so much for all of your help. The party was an absolute hit, everyone had such a great time thanks to you!! I’m so very grateful for your time and expertise, but most importantly your friendship. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. I could of never done it without you. You are so awesome, love that you are a part of my life! Lets hang out more in 2015! Her’s to our “Mother of the Year Club!”

    You Rock! Love you bunches!


  • Sandy Schaedler

    Alexa is so professional and so great to work with. She came up with the newest trends for table decorations tailored for my last minute cookie photo shoot. I certainly want Alexa to plan and design my next event and photo shoot. Thank you so much!