Alexa Sterenberg

Hello!  I’m Alexa Sterenberg, a recognized Event Planner, Wedding Planner, and Party Planner.  My inspired designs have satisfied clients both big and small since 2007.  I invite you to Plan, Design, Create and….Celebrate with me!

“Welcome to – Fabulous people like yourself visit my site everyday as they prepare to celebrate something important in their life or business.  I am thrilled you’re here!  I can’t wait to hear all about your celebration, and help.

I love a great celebration, but what I love even more than the celebration is the journey.   I’m fond of saying that life is not about the objects one can buy, but about the memories you make and hold dear in your heart and mind.  I have dedicated my life to not only helping people create wonderful celebrations, but even more important a memorable journey.

Here, on my website you will find traditional information and services for wedding planning, corporate event planning, and party planning.  You will also find outside the box ideas…like Wed Easy (go ahead check it out).  Don’t forget to discover all my free useful tips and tricks to make your everyday journey more of a pleasure and less of a grind.  Explore the Simple Living, Home Entertaining, and Travel Like a Pro sections of my blog.

Finally, I hope you feel inspired to create you’re own fulfilling life journey marked with wonderful celebrations along the way.  I would be honored to share in your journey.  I look forward to hearing from you!”

  • Warmest Regards,
  • Alexa
Alexa and David Sterenberg at a cafe in Amsterdam

Why I do what I do?

My journey started at a young age as I learned concepts of design in my father’s studio.  Some of my first memories are of him working at his large drafting table.  I followed in his footsteps with an eye for design and received degrees in drafting and architectural design.  My love of architecture led me to a career working under noted architects and home builders for 15 years in Utah. In 2010 I moved to Arizona and started using my skills to design and create amazing events. I found intense fulfillment as I shared in the journey of others and helped them celebrate and make unforgettable memories.

Alexa Sterenberg and Family

What's happening now?

Life is a constant adventure and each morning I hit the ground running.   My days are filled with a mix of professional and personal and keeping both balanced has become part of my brand.  I love sharing with others what I’m learning, have mastered, and have failed at.   I’m married to Dave and together we have two kids and three dogs.  I’m passionate about helping others and can’t stop from going the extra mile.  One of my favorite sayings is “knowledge is most useful when shared.”  Today I ‘m busy sharing my knowledge of event planning, design, home entertaining, and travel.  If you came here to learn your in the right spot!

Alexa Sterenberg bike riding

Where am I going?

I love to travel and I can wait to find out where my next adventure will take me, but in the mean time I am  busy everyday.  I am constantly growing my business and coming up with new ideas to help other.  Not only am I growing by business but I’m busy growing my family as well… kids take a lot of work!  Who knew?

My goal for the future is to learn to live a better, simpler life and to share it with you.  In return I hope you will share with me and together we will all be better happier people for it.  Don’t be a stranger, I would love to hear from you!

Fun Facts About Me

Where do you call home?
Name some things that make your day better?
What would you do if you didn't have to sleep?
What job would you be terrible at?
Who has impressed you most?
What is your favorite drink?
Do you have a guilty pleasure?
What is your favorite foods?
Whats your favorite place you have traveled?
Would you rather listen or speak?